Happy Yule tidings

Happy Yule tidings to our fellow Lilithians, Wiccans, Odinists, Druids, and pagans of all stripes. The previous year has been one of beginnings, upheaval, and generally positive change for us, but we at Nation of Lilith are even more excited for the year to come. We firmly believe that new opportunities and expectations will guide those who seek to better themselves, and encourage everyone to take advantage of all the changes in the coming year. If something negative happens, force it to become a positive. If something positive happens, seize the opportunity to make it even better. All energy, whether positive or negative, is still energy. Accept it, understand it, and either harness it or redirect it to your benefit. Angry or sad about something? Use that as fuel for your creative projects, or for physical self-improvement. Happy or excited about something? Share it with others to make them excited as well. People often spend so much time in the mundane aspects of the world – whether at jobs we hate, doing chores we dislike, or even sleeping – that we often fail to recognize the significance that truly emotional moments can have on our future. Much like the tarot deck, life is a constant series of trials, errors, surprises, and conflicts, but the true danger is not in the journey itself, but rather in becoming complacent. ‘Tis far better to be the tortoise, than the hare who stopped to rest and lost his way.

On a side note, the latest version of the website isn’t quite ready, but we’ll be sure to upload it when available. Until then enjoy the rest of the current year, play hard, and prepare for new adventures in the year to come.

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