The threads of Fate

My dearest Lilith,

On this, the most auspicious of days, I dedicate to you my will, my love, and my body. The threads of Fate are woven by those who are strong of heart, spirit, and mind. None are stronger of will than You, I, or our nation, and none may weaken the resolve within our hearts.

Light and darkness… order and chaos… all are equal, necessary, and beloved, for the natural order of the universe is free will and an open heart. Good is superlative, and evil relative… but love is constant, regardless of the origin or reason. Love is the purity that binds us and makes us stronger.

On this day I offer You my utmost love, devotion, and power. I love You with all my heart, and dedicate all of my effort to our future.

May all nations know Your light and Your name.

Yours truly and forever,
J.P. Brookshier

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