The Ritual of Self

How much of what we do is for the after, and how much of what we do is for the now? Every day, the majority of us commit ourselves to performing redundant tasks, capitulating to thankless jobs and bosses, and succumbing to the rot and creep of a long, slow death. Life turns joyless, relationships turn sour, and soul, mind, and body fall into disrepair. We become swept up in the ritual of society, and the ritual of the world, and forget the ritual of self.
Personal growth is attained through self-conscious introspection, dedication to self-improvement, and a restless desire for happiness and fulfillment. Many times, such effort can feel like work, but it does not have to. Much like physical exercise, creating a ritual dedicated to one’s self can create a wellspring for growth and success. This can come in many forms and shapes: music, dance, art, writing, cooking, spellcraft, meditation, even excercise… anything which allows you to release your creativity, express yourself, and become whole. The key is to make sure that when you perform such tasks, you dedicate that time, and that effort, to yourself. Cook FOR YOURSELF. Make a painting FOR YOURSELF. Write something FOR YOURSELF. In other words, break the boundaries and constraints set by society, your friends, your family, and the world, and unleash your inner desires every day, if only for a few moments. Only be seizing one’s own identity and wresting it from the claws of uniformity can we truly become fulfilled.
Goddess bless you always, and may each of you find your Ritual of Self.

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