The Best Revenge

There is an old saying – “the best revenge is a life well-lived”. If someone wants to see you suffer, then becoming happy and successful not only confounds them, but hurts them in return. Their plan to harm you is thwarted, and you have surpassed their own capacity for happiness. In the end you’ve won, they have lost, and they are left wondering why they are the ones who are unhappy.

Throughout history there have been countless religions and religious institutions, many of which have been intent upon being the only religion allowed to exist. To that effect they have tried to stamp out all other religions – especially peaceful ones – for they are often easiest to be rid of. Sadly, this holds true today as well. In this new age of information and communication, however, religions, spiritualities, and Gods and Goddesses that have been either nigh-forgotten or reduced to mere embers of their former glory, are experiencing complete resurrections. There has never been a greater opportunity in history to usurp the status quo, for the greatest Truth has always been that Knowledge is Power. Those who control knowledge control the masses. But in this age of information freedom that control is quickly spiraling out of their grasp, and they are now experiencing something they never thought possible: Fear.

So, to those of the Nation of Lilith and to our fellow Pagans, I say: live well, love well, worship happily, and spread your own personal truths. The happier we are, the more confounded our enemies become, and the greater our light shines on their own dark hearts. When people denounce you or your beliefs, show them how happy and thankful you are to have those beliefs. Your own happiness shall only illuminate the fact that they spread their misinformation as a result of their own unhappiness and self-loathing.

And maybe, just maybe, you will show light to someone living in that darkness, and help them in finding the happiness that they too deserve. There can be no greater gift than that.

May the moon guide you always, and light your path.

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