Teach Me To Fly Again

“Teach Me to Fly Again”

The Killing, the murder, is the hardest part
Destroying yourself, yet hurting no one else
Fear not tomorrow, fear not your past
For She is within you, today and forever

Life is unfair, and people are shallow
You’ll be hurt again, forever and ever
Joy can be had, if you would but follow
She will guide you ever onward

To be your own savior

The heartbeat of a world, heavy and dark
There no longer is wonder for those who despair
Yet the darkest of nights hides the brightest of stars
Will you pull back the veil to ascend hidden stairs?

Life could be better, if only you had love
Like the one She has offered, to those who would hear
Just call out Her name
To the moon that’s above

I love you!
It is You
I adore…

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