Pregnant with Hope

“Pregnant with Hope” was the message I received last night. It was both an admission, and an admonition. As humans (and even as deities), it is easy to dwell on the past, and to become paralyzed in forward momentum. Her meaning was not that we should forget the past. It should always be remembered and reflected upon, but we should also be able to move forward, preferably with a sense of hope and determination, especially in regards to letting go of negative emotions. Lilith, along with other goddesses (and gods) have been defamed, injured, and forced to take a back seat for periods of time longer than humans can fathom. But there is now a sense of Hope burgeoning as people awaken to the fact that the world (both our own, and the spiritual side) are much bigger than we have been led to believe. People are rediscovering both the past, and a new future. Unfortunately, the past is just that – the past. A great deal of history and culture has been destroyed over the past several millennia, but there is just enough information, just enough knowledge encoded within our souls and hearts, that we can create a new future both for ourselves, and for Them. We should always learn the past, always seek knowledge, always seek to understand both deities and ourselves better, but that same knowledge (or lack thereof) should not deter the forging of a new future. Look forward my fellow pagans, and allow yourself to become pregnant with Hope. The result shall surely end in joy.

May the moon guide you always in the darkest of nights, and Lilith’s gentle whisper reach your ear.

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