On Peace and Fulfillment

True inner peace is most often achieved through laborious effort, and difficult transition. Beware of superficial peace, which is an illusion achieved through laziness and isolation. It is easy to feel that because one’s life lacks confrontation or difficulty that it is therefore peaceful. Unfortunately, the hollowness that many people feel despite lack of confrontation is a direct result of ignoring our true nature; for peace is usually hard-won, and comes at a cost. Confrontation, especially with one’s self, is often necessary in order to resolve and fix the damaged parts of one’s heart and soul. As such, do not be afraid to war with yourself, and to make your will submit to your higher consciousness. There is a certain beauty in the struggle that is life, and it is more rewarding to embrace the struggle and make it your own unique adventure, than to simply ignore life and allow it to drift around you. We are now at the mid-point of the year, and as expected, it has been very auspicious indeed. As always, we at Nation of Lilith wish many blessings upon our fellow pagans, and look forward to sharing the second half of this journey.

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