On leaving the path of comfort

Humans, being the creatures of habit that we are, often expect life to present itself like a good little jogging track. Many times, it is: our lives become circular repetitions, repeating the same tasks, thoughts and words day to day. And yet, many of us are unhappy, knowing deep inside that familiarity breeds comfort at the cost of monotony and lack of growth. We bemoan the fact that we are bored, and yet don’t dare to step outside our boundaries of comfort. And sadly, even those of us who have left the track still find ourselves seeking the easiest hiking trail, or the easiest climb, all the while never realizing that we’ve put ourselves into another circular path, for we never truly change our habits despite building the courage to leave the track. We simply change tracks, and tell ourselves we’ve arrived.

And the illusion remains until we one day realize we’re bored, lonely, or depressed again.

The difference between an experienced hiker (or climber) and a novice, however, is that the experienced and wise individuals will eventually recognize and admit that the path they are on is not what they expected. Sometimes, this requires backtracking. Other times, it requires forging a new path, cutting and bruising yourself a bit until you find the next exciting trail or vista. Either way, We must accept that mistakes are sometimes made, and be willing to put the work in to find our way back to a point where we can again advance.

To be clear, this is not meant to convey that each new path requires changing to a new faith, but rather that it is an expanded understanding of the path you are on. For example, if you have exhausted your studies and your ability to learn at your current level, it is time to step outside those bounds and learn something new. If you practice white magic, learn some new things about black magic, chaos magic, or sympathetic magic. If you are a Christian, learn about meditation, Qabalah, or even Zen philosophy. If you are a Lilithian, learn about Babylonian, Sumerian, or ancient Germanic magic and practices. The Boundaries are nigh-limitless. Do not be afraid of pushing the boundaries, or even breaking through them. As always, the only rule is thus: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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