On Frailty and Mortality

Humans spend the majority of their lives reflecting on their demise; whether imminent, or far off. After all, knowing that death is definite, and existence is finite, they are concerned in how they spend their time. It is easy to become envious of deities, who enjoy long – if not eternal – lives, and who watch each human life through the lens of eternity. To a god, humans must seem as a fruit fly, a minute existence. And yet, even gods may know frailty and a sense of mortality. For the many deities whose followers are converted, killed, or outright purged, said deities begin to walk through something like a long death march, for which there is no end. Humans often wonder why deities no longer answer them, or develop a relationship, and yet with so many of them forgotten and cast aside, such deities can lose hope. And this point is where humans can again find personal relationships with deities. There are many deities who would be happy to hold a conversation with an interested human, and many more who are deserving of praise and love. To this end, I hope that humanity one day comes to its’ senses. The gods are not so different from people: they can be hurt, they can love, they can hate, they can be jealous, they feel these things all of the time. Humanity was born from the life, chaos, and energy of the very deities we look towards, and so it should be no wonder that we are not so different from them.

And so, for those of us who worship a deity who is not recognized in a mainstream religion, take a moment to appreciate them. Most likely, they reached out to you when you were in need, and also because they were in need. Spend your time wisely, making the most of the life you have, rather than worrying about the end, for the end could come at any time. Spend your time understanding and developing a relationship with your deity, for when that time comes, they will be the one who guides you across the ether.

May the moon guide you always in the darkest of nights, and Lilith’s gentle whisper reach your ear.

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