In Times of Adversity, Seek Prosperity

It’s amazing how one event in our lives can seemingly ruin an otherwise successful career, relationship, business, or healthy life. The key to overcoming such an event (besides perseverance) is to continue seeking success and prosperity in other endeavors. Eventually, the thorn in our sides will either be removed, or become a permanent aspect of our existence.

Strive on. Seek prosperity and snatch it from the jaws of defeat. As long as there is still a tomorrow, there is still a chance to prosper. Ask any retiree or vagabond who has won the lottery. Ask any person who’s recovered from a debilitating sickness. It IS possible.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It doesn’t mean you won’t have tears of frustration, sadness, and anger. Besides, death, the one universal truth that everyone should be able to agree upon is that life is unfair. This is not an excuse for the unfairness, or an admonition to those who feel that it is unfair. However, the one power we have is our ability t hope, and our ability to not quit.

Do not quit. Live on and become victorious if you would dare. Destroy the expectation that you should just give up.

Persevere and be reborn, as Lilith has done. One day, you may just get the wish you’ve always desired. One day, you may be set free from the chains that are holding you down. Until then, set the building blocks for your success.

May Lilith guide you, and the moon light your path in the darkest of times.

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