Happy Beltane! New Developments Abound

Happiest of Beltane to all of our fellow Pagans. I pray it was a successful Spring for each of you, and look forward to a productive Summer. I apologize for the long silence. Life difficulties and major project undertakings necessitated a break. That said, we have continued the life work as always, and have a few things happening:

1) We have begun a major project in honor of our fair Goddess. I plan to make the official announcement sometime in the summer.
2) We are interested in site contributors. If you have the time and desire to write an occasional blog post or share helpful wisdom or insights about Lilith (or magick/sprituality) with your fellow pagans, please send us a message through our “Contact page”. All contributions are attributed to the author, though we retain the right to censor or correct content if necessary. (Personally, I do not believe in censorship, but inflammatory, nasty, or disrespectful content is not desirable. This site is meant to help, not to hurt. Any other corrections will be purely grammatical in nature.)
3) We are considering posting monthly services which may include spell casting or other activities. Whether those will be pre-recorded or live, we haven’t yet decided. Let us know if you have any interest.

May the moon light your way, and the Goddess guide your path.


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