Five Worldly Tenets for Spiritual Success

Five worldly tenets, and a simple philosophy:

Rest Well;
A mind cluttered by unnecessary stress is a mind functioning poorly. Sleep well when possible, take breaks when able, and let go of unneeded baggage.

Maintain Income:
Money and trade are required to live in our society. While work is usually not enjoyable, it is necessary to provide both for ourselves, and for those we care about. We all serve to live – great or small – for live we must. Take pride and joy in your earnings.

Maintain Health:
Exercise. Eat well when able. Burn off the crud that clings to you – whether emotional, physical, or mental. Take care of your body, and your body will assist your mind and soul.

Be Creative:
Create, build, and play. Whether you focus on art, music, writing, child-rearing, career, or spirituality – never stop growing, learning, or being passionate.

Be Thoughtful:
Mental and emotional growth are required for us to advance both individually, and as a whole. Without introspection and the desire for wisdom, we never become more than clever animals. With true desire for wisdom, however, we are capable of so much more. Never stop reaching for new heights. Your mental and spiritual growth will help you to expand every other area of your life.

And finally, a message direct from Lilith:
“Just Feel”
Think, but not to the point of fear or paralysis. Sometimes, we need to stop overthinking our problems and worries, and simply experience life for what it is. Love yourself, love others, and let go of the noise.
If you are hurt, experience it and try to let go.
If you are happy, enjoy it in the moment, and realize it cannot be forever.
Each emotion is a capsule – a pill that we swallow. At the end of each day, however, we go to bed with the feelings most prominent, most important. Instead of dwelling with our minds, we should feel with our hearts. With each new beat a new emotion may spring to life, whether good or bad – and every new beat is a new chance at life.

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