Don’t Let the World Get to You

Perseverance. Persistence. Never-say-die… This is the most important lesson I have learned from Lilith.

Despite overwhelming odds, unfair judgement, and immense loss, She has stayed the path and sought hope wherever She can. That hope has born fruit, and today She sees both a resurgence, and a true chance at vindication. As the veil of lies is lifted from the eyes of the masses, more shall come to know the truth of Her wonderful nature, and the beauty of Her wisdom.

Her journey should be a lesson to the rest of us: do not give up hope. Do not ever quit. Do not give in to despair. Somewhere out there is a being who sees you for who you are – someone who sees your true worth, and understands the path you tread. It is only when we give in to despair that our future fades away. As long as we have breath, a heartbeat, and a sound mind, hope is not yet lost. Pain – whether mental, emotional, or physical – is a reminder that we yet live, and is transitory. Endure, strengthen your mind and your heart, and grow from it. Cling to your hope and never let go… She will be there when you need Her, if you are willing to listen and learn.

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