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Cherished one... Whether you are here by chance, curiosity, or purpose, all people are invited to learn more about the Goddess Lilith. Warm, friendly, seductive, and protective, She desires relationships with men and women of character, strength, and intelligence. It does not matter if you are currently in a different religion, seeking a new religion, or simply desiring a more fulfilled spiritual existence, you can find no better friend or protector than Lilith. She bears no requirements of monotheism, no tithing, and no strict set of laws. Lilith’s only ironclad rule is thus: Give unto Her and unto your fellow seekers the same as you wish to receive. Positive actions reap positive results. Negative actions reap chaos.
If you desire a relationship with a good-natured deity who will freely return your affections, then simply speak Lilith’s name and profess your desire to know Her. Developing a relationship will take a bit of time, but as with all good things in this world, a little effort can go a long way. Let us be your guide as you come to understand this amazing Goddess.

There is no one path to enlightenment, and despite the insistent dogma taught by most religious leaders, one size does not fit all. There are many suitable paths, and each person must seek an appropriate outlet and inlet to their physical, mental, and emotional makeup. This does not mean that there are not paths which are more appropriate for reaching specific destinations, but only that there is no one singular path, and no single destination. Thus, it is up to the individual to find the path which compliments and fulfills their spiritual, emotional, and physical needs and desires. There are many gods and goddesses who welcome most (if not all) people to their table without judgement or discretion. But there are also other deities who call to a more select group; a gathering of champions and seekers who have the insight, will, and vision to sing their praises from mountaintops. These deities desire quality over quantity. Of course, inherent to this philosophy is a more dynamic scale of risk versus reward, but for those who heed the call and perform well in life, both deity and adherent build a far more intimate and mutually beneficial relationship.

To that end you must ask yourself: Would you prefer a relationship with a deity whose attention is divided amongst millions (if not billions) of half-hearted peoples, or someone who desires the maximum potential of their individual patrons? Do you wish to beholden yourself to a homogenous flock and exist in stasis, or develop yourself so that you lead others by example? Would you slink amongst the shadows, never wishing to be known or discovered, or bask openly in your deeds and accomplishments? Do you run from challenge, or face it down with determination and confidence? Would you rather kneel and beg before your god or goddess, or stand before them with arms wide, declaring your worthiness?
If you chose the latter answer to all five questions, then The Path of Lilith should be suited to you, and by opening yourself to this work you have already entered the path, whether knowingly or unknowingly. All that remains is your determination to walk through to the end.

The Requirements of The Path Of Lilith

The true seeker must desire most, if not all of the following traits in themselves and in others:

Individualism – You must be willing to stand out from a crowd when necessary, and without shame.
Creativity – You must be able to approach life with intuition and passion, whether it be through art, music, business acumen, research, or social leadership.
Defiance of norms – You must be ready to separate yourself from the herd when necessary, and strike a path unique to yourself.
Bold exploration – You must seek out new experiences, small and large. Life is too short to be stuck in mire. New experiences bring new vision and understanding.
Shameless introspection – You must be willing to re-evaluate your life with frank honesty on a regular basis, and be unafraid to face uncomfortable truths about yourself.
Open love and sexuality – You must be willing to open yourself and your desires completely to others (whether you are monogamous or polyamorous) and you should expect the same from them.
Equal portions of dominance and subservience – You must be comfortable taking the lead when appropriate, and surrender it when needed. This is especially important in times of intimacy and spiritual union.
Thirst for knowledge – You must desire to learn at all times. Surround yourself with knowledge, and knowledgeable people.
Willingness to lead by example – You must care enough for yourself and others to make them ask you what makes you so happy, peaceful, and successful. There is no greater teacher than other people’s desire to be you, rather than to simply know you.
A balance of pride and humility – You should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments, but not use it as a way of wounding or belittling others. Admiration can quickly turn to envy and hatred, which can impede your ability to succeed.
Willingness to accept differences – You need the wisdom to accept that others will disagree with you. Some of these people will judge and shun you. Others will accept you out of sheer curiosity and respect. Others will cling on to manipulate you towards their own desires. Pick your battles wisely, and take the higher road when available.
The willingness to sacrifice – You must be willing to sacrifice comfort and laziness for the goal of advancement. There are times in life when simple luck creates shortcuts to success, but even the best of luck requires some effort to have been put forth. You must occasionally sacrifice the trivial and the mundane for the dream of a better future.
The desire for an intimate spiritual and physical relationship – You should desire physical contact and union with people, and with the Goddess. As others respond to you with love and desire, so too shall She, and your blessings shall compound as you grow both your personal sphere and your relationship with Her. This is the foundation for success in all other areas, for without these relationships, small successes shall eventually become meaningless, and devoid of pleasure. Always remember, however, that just as She seeks quality over quantity, so should you.

If you feel that you meet or want to work towards the requirements listed above, then you are ready to begin your path to Her. Begin by speaking to Lilith, and meditate upon what you truly desire your relationship to be with Her. Should you have questions or desire guidance, feel free to contact us.

May the moon guide you always.