Our Organization

The Nation of Lilith is an organization dedicated to Lilith, and also to the revival of Goddess worship and polytheism. We are a non-profit educational institute dedicated to raising awareness on behalf of the Goddess whose history and stories have been lost and erased. To this end we seek to restore as much of Her history as possible, but are more concerned with helping lost souls connect with Her in a modern era. She is ever adapting and ever changing, and unlike the gods of most religions, Her story is still being written.

While devoted primarily to Lilith, we are humble in acknowledging other gods, goddesses, and belief systems. In keeping with the values of independence and freedom, all people should have the basic right to worship whomever they choose, and Nation of Lilith is a firm believer in upholding these rights. It is our philosophy that there is no one path to spirituality, no single form of expression, and no one truth in spiritual beliefs. While many people may sometimes share a particular path, it does not mean that their path is suitable or right for all. To this end we espouse the most basic of moral philosophies: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We are not a physical church, but consider our temple to be Earth itself. Our network of worshipers is united in our common goals and interests, and is a nation without borders or boundaries. We welcome all who would join us in celebrating and reviving the beauty of the Great Feminine. We seek to restore a true balance in a world which has been overwhelmed by monotheistic doctrine.

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