Who is Lilith?



There have come to be many myths associated with Lilith, though most of the records of Her true history have been destroyed by early Jewish, Greek, Roman, Muslim, and Christian institutions. Due to this tragedy, we have been tasked with re-establishing the truth behind Her history and Her true nature.

Lilith is both a singular goddess, and a facet of the divine feminine as a whole. She is deity, human, demon, energy, nothingness, beauty, nurturer, madness, protector, destroyer, lover, wife, seductress… the list of words to describe Her is endless, and while impossible to use one word or phrase to describe the entirety of Her, she can be described as “calm chaos”, much like the eye at the center of a great storm. Energetic, active, and full of desire, She is also calming, nurturing, and wise. Due to this inherent aspect of Her nature, Lilith can have many faces, though the most common image of Her throughout history is that of a fair woman with long, crimson hair, golden eyes, and a seductive smile.

There is no one path to Her, for each individual’s approach determines the relationship gained. If approached with both respect and a desire for a pure and intimate relationship between deity and human being, however, there is no truer bond (or friend) to be found.

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Whatever your decision, may you find blessings on your path, and may the moon guide you always.